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General Information 2016-17



Deseronto Public School’s Timetable for 2018-19


9 am Bell rings to start school

9 to 11 am First Instructional Block


11 to 11:20 am Outdoor recess

11:20 to 11:40 am Nutrition break


11:40 to 1:20 pm Second Instructional Block


1:20 to 1:40 pm Outdoor Recess

1:40 to 2 pm Nutrition Break


2 to 3:20 pm Third Instructional Block


3:20 pm Dismissal




All visitors to our schools are asked to report to the Main Office and sign in upon arrival.  This includes parents, guardians, relatives, caregivers, volunteers, visitors, community members, outside agencies and other School Board personnel.  Visitors and volunteers spending time within our school will be required to wear identification badges.  We appreciate your cooperation in keeping our schools safe for all of our students and staff.



We will have students in our schools that have life-threatening allergies to nuts, peanuts, and nut products.  Please explore alternative food items for your children to bring to school for snacks and lunches.  If you have not already done so, please notify the school and provide the medical documentation if your child has been diagnosed with a life-threatening allergy or medical condition.



Animals must not be brought to the school or on the property unless approved by prior arrangement.



Teachers assess and evaluate student progress on a continuous basis.  Students are provided with on-going formative feedback regarding their strengths, weaknesses, and specific steps they can take to improve their performance.  Students are expected to work diligently, study for all tests and quizzes, and complete all assignments by the due dates set by their teachers.  All assignments must be completed even if due dates are missed.  Student achievement is described by provincial “Levels of Achievement” within each grade.  Level 1 – Achievement is below the provincial standard, Level 2 – Achievement approaches the provincial standard, Level 3 – Achievement meets the provincial standard consistency and the degree of effectiveness with which students work.  Student achievement is recorded and officially reported to parents in each of the two terms.  Parents are encouraged to complete and return the parent signature page of the Report Cards.  Success for students is most likely to occur when parents, students, and staff form a partnership in which communication is ongoing.  Please do not hesitate to call your child’s teacher if you have a question or concern.  Students will receive a Progress Report and two Report Cards.




The Education Act requires that students attend classes “regularly and punctually”. Safe Schools policy details our responsibility in confirming students’ whereabouts when not recorded as present at school.  When a student is considered absent, the school must call home to confirm the whereabouts of the absent student unless the parent/guardian has already called to inform the school of the late arrival or absence.  Deseronto Public School has the following expectations and guideline of students and parents:


  1. Students are expected to arrive at school on time and be in regular attendance at school.  Students are expected to be in their classroom and prepared for learning each morning.  Parent/Guardian MUST call the school if their child will be absent and indicate a reason for the absence.


  1. Students who arrive for school after attendance has been taken must report to the Main Office and receive a Late Slip.  Students who consistently arrive late for school or for class will make up the time missed working quietly on school tasks during recess breaks.  Parents/Guardians dropping off late students MUST come inside the building to sign them in.  Please do not drop them off late and drive away.


  1. A letter of concern will be issued to parents of any student who is unlawfully not attending school, persistently absent, or habitually late.  The Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board Attendance Counselor will be notified as required by the Education Act.


  1. Any student returning to school after an absence of any length, when the school has not been informed of the reason for the absence in advance, is required to bring a note from his/her parents/guardians stating the reason for the absence.  This note then becomes the official explanation of absence.


  1. Parents/Guardians are asked to call the school and leave a message using our school phone number (613-396-2448). An explanation must be given for all absences.  The message then becomes the official explanation of absence.  This line is available 24 hours daily.


  1. Students are asked to meet their parents at the Main Office to be signed out if it is necessary to leave school during the day.  Students must be signed back in by an adult if they return to the school prior to dismissal.



Cell Phones, if brought to school, are to remain in a secure location, such as a backpack, at all times.  Students are not to carry their cell phones with them during any time of the school day.  If there is a need to contact a parent/guardian, students can ask permission at the main office.  Many cell phones have the ability to do multiple tasks.  If the device is able to support the learning that is taking place in the classroom and the teacher has given permission then the device may be used in class.  The school will not be held responsible for any lost or broken items.



Electronic devices and/or valuable items are not to be brought to school.  These items will be confiscated to be picked up and taken home at the end of the school day.  Valuable trading cards such as “Yu-Gi-Oh”, “Bakugan” cards are not permitted at school.  Students are also reminded not to bring large amounts of money to school.  These items could be broken, stolen or misplaced and present an issue around confidentiality and safety when used to make calls, take photos, or send messages without adequate supervision.  These rules apply on all school trips as well.  Use of electronic games on the buses, especially when rides are very long, is up to the driver and this equipment must be kept in backpacks.  The school or bus company is not liable if these items are lost, stolen, broken or misplaced.  Bringing expensive items to school is a risk.



Gum chewing is not permitted in school or anywhere on school/bus property.  Upon entering the school, students are expected to deposit their gum in the garbage. The reason for this is that is causes “sticky” messes that could have been easily avoided.  On special occasions, gum chewing will be considered, for example, EQAO or spirit days.



While every effort is made to ensure student safety, accidents do happen.  It is relatively common for children to sustain injuries at school whether playing sports or during free play on the yard.  Regardless of how minor it may appear, all staff will readily respond to any health concern or injury.  Basic first aid will be provided by trained school staff and in cases of concern, parents/guardians will be contacted.  The decision for follow-up treatment is to be made by parents.  Staff are unable to diagnose.  From time to time student accidents occur which are of such a nature that an ambulance is required.  While OHIP pays a portion of the costs, it may not cover the entire cost.  The portion not covered is billed to the parents of the student.  It is possible for parents to purchase Student Accident Insurance Coverage to insure some of the injuries sustained by children that may not be covered under private health benefits or OHIP.  Coverage is available at a low cost and can be purchased at any time throughout the school year.  If interested, please contact the school.  If medical treatment is necessary, parent/guardian must notify the school so that we can complete the necessary Accident Reporting Form within the 24 hour requirement.



Homework is part of a student’s educational program and may include completion of unfinished work from the classroom, practice of previously taught concepts, special projects or research that requires home support.  Sometimes there may be events that interfere with homework so we ask that parents work with the classroom teachers to develop a plan that works for them.  This plan may look like extra work on one evening to accommodate an activity such as hockey practice or ballet on a specific evening.  It is important that students learn to manage competing life priorities as they progress through their education and we thank you in advance for your support and cooperation.





Students who are not well are best cared for at home.  Staying home ensures a speedy recovery and avoids spreading illness to others.  In most cases, children who are well enough to be at school are well enough to benefit from exercise and fresh air outside during recess periods.  Exceptions will be made for students to stay in during recesses only in the case of a serious injury or some other serious medical condition.  In these cases, a note must be provided from a physician.  The Health Unit has provided the following information regarding student illness: 1) students with elevated temperatures should not be at school, 2) fresh air is better than staying indoors for anyone recovering from illness, 3) individuals do not catch a cold from being outside or from cold weather; colds are spread from the germs of others who already have a cold, 4) in most cases, students who are feeling sick in the morning should be kept home.



Students who access the internet on school property are required to be supervised and have the consent of their teacher.  All use of internet must be for school/curriculum related projects and purposes.  All misuse of the computers and internet privileges will result in suspension of computer access.



By law, the school must give both parents of our students the same rights and privileges unless there is a court order to indicate otherwise.  Therefore, unless the school has a copy of a court or restraining order on file, both parents maintain the same rights (e.g. – to come to the school, see and speak with the student, meet the teacher, take the student out for lunch, etc.)  It is the responsibility of the parent and/or guardian to ensure that the school has a copy of legal documents on file and that the situation has been discussed with School Administration.



Safety is the key concern when dealing with medication in a school setting.  Specific guidelines exist for the administration of medication at school.  Required forms are available in the office for completion by your family physician before medication may be administered.  Written consent is also required for the administration of non-prescription medication (e.g. Tylenol or Aspirin).  Whenever possible, short term medication such as antibiotics should be administered at home.  A doctor’s signed consent is not needed for students who may need to self-administer medication such as inhalers, however, parents/guardians of students who self-administer inhalers are to inform the school.  All prescription and non-prescription medication must be secured in the office and is not to be kept in the possession of the student.  Written instructions must accompany all medications.  Parents/Guardians of students with specific medical conditions such as life-threatening allergies which require administration of Epi-Pens should obtain and complete the appropriate forms.  A new form must be submitted annually or if medication changes.



During the First Nutritional Break (11 to 11:40 am) students who have filled out a permission form and have it on record at the main office are able to leave school property.  It is important that parents recognize that students are NOT supervised by school staff downtown.  We expect students to behave in an appropriate manner and to follow the Board’s Code of Conduct and the School’s Respect Agreements. 




Our physical education program emphasizes fitness, nutrition, skill development, good sportsmanship, and healthy active living.  For gym periods,   students must wear running shoes and clothing which will permit them to move in a flexible and safe manner.  Stocking/sock feet, “crocs”, flip-flops, black soled shoes and high heels are not permitted.  Physical Education is compulsory.  If a student is to be excused for medical reasons, parents are asked to submit a note to the teacher.  In the case of an extended period of time, a physician’s note will be required.




Student use of the telephone is for emergencies only.  Personal arrangements as well as arrangements for rides following extra-curricular activities (clubs, team practices) should be made prior to the school day.




Bicycles must be locked on the fence near the office at DPS.  For safety reasons, as required by law, students must wear helmets.  Bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades/shoes and scooters may not be used on school property.






Throwing snowballs, rocks or other objects could result in someone being seriously injured or property damaged or destroyed.  Consequently, students are not permitted to throw snow, rocks, ice, or other objects.  The 1st offence incurs a warning and discussion with the Principal, 2nd offence incurs a subsequent warning along with a letter sent home to be signed by a parent/guardian and returned to Administration.  The 3rd offence may result in a withdrawal from recess.  A student may be suspended/withdrawn from class at any time if an incident is determined to be deliberate and has resulted in student injury, damage to property or is a repeated offence.



Students are not to arrive at school prior to 8:45 am unless they are attending Breakfast Club.  Supervision on the yard does not start until 8:45 am.  Students are supervised during all nutrition breaks and are expected to stay within the school’s fenced boundaries while outside at recess times.  Leaving school property without permission may result in withdrawal of recesses or suspension.  Supervision is also provided during arrival and dismissal time.  Teachers on supervision duty carry walkie-talkies to be in communication with each other and the Main Office.  Teachers also wear brightly coloured vests to make it easy for students to identify a supervisor.  Students are reminded to use their words to ask someone to “STOP” what they are doing that is bothering them and get an adult to assist with problem solving if they are unable to come to a safe and respectful solution using words.  There is to be no physical contact between students at any time and any contact should be reported immediately.



Students are supervised by staff and are expected to conduct themselves appropriately during lunch and nutrition breaks.  Students are required to clean up after their lunch and deposit all garbage and recycling into the appropriate containers.  Students are to remain on the school grounds during the outside supervised lunch recess




Volunteers are always welcome at our schools.  If you have some extra time and are interested in working with students at our school, please speak directly to your child’s teacher or the Administration.  Volunteers have helped us with our Breakfast Program, Book Fairs, in the classroom, on trips, at special events and with extra-curricular activities and fund-raising events.  The students and staff appreciate this extra assistance.  The Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board has a Volunteer Policy as well as police record check requirements.  There are forms available at the office to assist with the completion of a police record check.  The police record checks must be completed well in advance of all school trips.  Due to safety and liability concerns, we do not permit non-school aged children to accompany adults who are volunteering in classrooms, library, or during school trips.



Our school is committed to reducing the amount of waste leaving our school.  Your help is appreciated.  We encourage a “Litterless Lunch” and you may assist by using recyclable containers in lunches and try to eliminate packaging which cannot be recycled.  Please select healthier options such as water or 100% juice instead of sugary drinks, fruits and vegetables instead of prepared packaged lunches.  We ask that parents pack as much of a student’s lunch in reusable containers and avoid pre-packaged lunches as much as possible for environmental and health reasons.

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